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Sister Daughter | Skin care and Hair care Company


Sister Daughter was created and founded by two sisters and their daughters. Shaneka and Brittany decided to start Sister Daughter as a result of having a hard time meeting the skin care needs of their daughters who both had different skin challenges. Eva has a sever case of Eczema and Elise sensitive skin. As parents we both spent a lot of time trying to find products that would be good for our daughters skin types.

After many trials with some good and very bad products we just started creating our own products, and we found that we had better results with the products were were creating than with the products that we had purchased over the years. We had the idea of creating a company out our of love for doing things as a family and working in the kitchen with our daughters during the holidays.

Sister Daughter is a company that started with a mission for healthy skin and transformed into a love mission of family that we wanted to spread to others. our products are meant to create healthy skin and relieve skin irritation. We Love hearing from our customers that what we have created is working for them.


Shaneka Boucher

Brittany Hamilton

Eva Vanterpool

Elyse Bobb